DIY Green Mask with Avocado & Matcha

How about a green mask to stir yourself, which tightens and moisturizes ?

The fresh superfood ingredients are not only healthy for our body, they also offer a number of benefits for our skin.


1. 1 tbsp (vegan) yoghurt e.g. coconut mango - provides moisture and refines the pores

2. 1 tsp PURE CLEAN FACE Wash & Mask (rich in minerals, vitamins and active ingredients for nourished and fresh skin)

3. 1 teaspoon PURE ARGANOIL (rich in omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins E, has an antibacterial, cell renewal and soothes irritation)

4. 1 teaspoon Matcha or spirulina powder (contains many antioxidants, protection against free radicals)

5. 1 teaspoon pureed fresh avocado (provides moisture, the unsaturated fatty acids contained and vitamins A, B, C and E ensure radiant skin)

DIY Green Face Mask

Mix all ingredients into a paste and apply to cleansed skin. The skin is particularly receptive, e.g. after a shower or a facial steam bath, as the pores are opened by the warm water and the mask can work better.

Face Skin Mask natural

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly. After that, a light moisturizer is usually sufficient, e.g. a few drops of your face oil.

Naturkosmetik Gesichtsmaske DIY
Have fun trying it out & best regards, Kathleen