You have probably heard or read about facial massages.

If you are not yet interested in facial massages, you might want to integrate a few exercises into your care or as a relaxing ritual in the future after you have learned about the benefits of facial massages:

  1. It promotes blood circulation.
  2. It strengthens the connective tissue and stimulates the facial muscles.
  3. It relieves tension in the face and neck area.
  4. It promotes the flow of lymph and supports detoxification.
  5. Is a natural "lifting" for a healthy GLOW.

With our bepure massage ritual, I have created 7 different exercises (including preparation) that you can easily perform at home or when traveling without additional tools.

Allow 5 to 10 minutes for this. The time varies depending on whether you want to do all the exercises or just selected ones.

So you can integrate your facial massage into everyday life and treat yourself to a few additional minutes of wellness.

If performed regularly, the bepure facial massage can help you to feel more vital, more relaxed and lighter. We wish you a lot of relaxation and enjoyment while trying!

The pretty illustrations were created in cooperation with designer Rahel Oertli.