Organic certified vegan natural cosmetics with social commitment

Pure natural cosmetics of Moroccan beauty at home in the bathroom. The pure, refreshing to spicy scents of our products open your senses for the beauty rituals of 1001 nights.

We create reliable, 100% natural products that support your skin whenever it needs it. Our small, fine and, above all, coordinated product range only contains what has to be. We deliberately avoid artificial additives, fillers, synthetic fragrances, parabens, PEG's and all products from the petroleum and palm oil industry.

We also love minimalist and multi-functional (skin and hair) products that contain only a few original, effective and high-quality ingredients. Our products support all skin types, but especially sensitive, problematic or mature skin.

The world of oils and Moroccan beauty rituals is our inspiration. By combining years of research (phytotherapy) with aromatherapy, we bring you Morocco's beauty secrets in high-quality and well thought-out care products, so that you feel good and glow in your skin.

bepure natural vegan skincare is made from certified organic argan, prickly pear seed oil and rose water from Morocco by a family business in Marrakech and bottled in Germany and Switzerland. Our products are labeled and assembled by the work integration department in Winterthur, Switzerland.

An awareness of fair trade is particularly important to us. We know our natural cosmetics producer personally and when choosing our partners pay attention to fair and secure payment for their employees.

Fair & local production

Lokale Produktion

Our exclusive natural cosmetics are produced by a local family company in Marrakech, which combines modernity, sustainability and tradition in wonderful products.

In the modern laboratory, the precious argan oil and prickly pear seed oil are produced according to European standards (GMP certified) according to the organic guidelines of COSMOS organic.

Since the end of 2014 we have been supporting the Berber women, who laboriously extract the argan almonds and persimmon fig kernels and are therefore a very important part of the production of our natural cosmetics. Working with our producer enables the Berber women of Morocco to have a secure job and fair pay.

As the next step in our corporate mission, part of the revenue from products sold goes to EFA Morocco (Education for all), which supports girls from rural Morocco in gaining access to education beyond primary school. Secondary schools are usually very far away in larger cities and not accessible to these girls. Thanks to EFA Morocco, the girls can continue to go to school in so-called boarding houses.

For us the cooperation with EFA Morocco is very important because the girls are part of the future of Morocco. We are convinced that when people have access to good conditions, nature will also follow and be treated with respect. In addition, we are parents of 2 boys and believe that access to knowledge and a good education should be possible for everyone in the world.