Cleansing the Face with Oil - Oil Cleansing Method


Cleansing the face with oil - Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

You are probably wondering whether an oil works for facial cleansing instead of water?

Even getting a grip on blemished and oily skin with oil? Works perfectly - let's say.

Oil cleaning (also known as the Oil Cleansing Method - OCM) is based on the principle of "removing oil with oil" . Oil combines optimally with makeup, dirt and sebum that forms on our skin during the day.

Compared to cleansing with soap or washing gel, oil cleansing is very gentle on the skin and completely free of aggressive substances Surfactants or emulsifiers that make your skin permeable and dry out.

Another advantage of the facial massage and slimming with the Face Cloth is that cornification is loosened, sebum can flow off better and for free pores and ensures a refined complexion.


How to clean your face with oil:

1. Massage a dollop of oil (approx. 5-6 pumps) in the evening on the uncleaned and dry Thoroughly rub the skin (face, eyes & neck area) in gently circular movements. The longer you massage, the better the imperfections are resolved and at the same time it is a soothing ritual.

2. After the massage, moisten the Face Cloth (or a washcloth) with very warm water and put it on it on the face until the face towel has cooled down. Enjoy the warmth and the feeling of intensive cleansing through open pores.

3. Then carefully remove the argan oil with the face cloth. If the eyes are made up, repeat the ritual if necessary.

Tip: If the skin is very dry, it is better to just wipe the oil dry with the Face Cloth and not to wash it off with water.

Maintenance afterwards:

When your skin is clean again after cleansing, give it enough moisture with hydrosols or tonic, for example with our Balancing Tonic rose blossom water

Finally, massage 2-3 drops of Royal Night Serum or your moisturizer into the skin.

Which oils are suitable ?:

You can use different vegetable oils such as almond, olive or coconut oil.

We recommend our pure argan oil because it is light enough without clogging the pores and concentrated enough to reduce inflammation and reduce sebum production to regulate.

It is suitable for all skin types, including oily, impure skin and sensitive and dry skin.