Summer Essentials - our favorites


Now, we don't want to spend too long on our skin care in summer. We would much rather swim or hike outdoors or enjoy the summer sun with a book in the garden. Of course not without adequate sun protection from harmful UV rays.

The combination of summer heat and moisture (or dry heat), water and sunscreen requires special care:

Thorough cleaning followed by light moisture is now important. Anyone who spends a lot of time in dry air or in water needs a little more moisture.

Find your essential care products with our tips that will bring you nourished and fresh through the summer.

1. Daily cleaning - a must

Thoroughly cleanse your face of any deposits of sunscreen, eye makeup or sebum every evening. Ideally in 2 steps:

First, massage a few drops of INTENSIVE DAYCARE facial oil onto the dry face and eye area and then with moist pads or ORGANIC FACE CLOTH Remove your face and eyes from top to bottom.

For the intense feeling of cleanliness (with a gentle peeling effect), you then clean your face with PURE CLEAN FACE . Mix the powder with water to make a creamy paste. After a short exposure time, remove the mask thoroughly with a damp cloth.

It is more pleasant to wash with lukewarm water. In addition, sebum production is better kept in balance.

2. Humidity

A toner removes the last residue, refines the pores, balances the pH value and prepares the skin for the subsequent moisturizing care.

BALANCING TONIC Rose water gently provides moisture, has an anti-inflammatory effect on irritations, soothes and strengthens sensitive skin and ensures a more delicate complexion for large-pored skin.

3. Maintenance

Pure argan oil PURE ARGAN is a multi-functional care product for face, body and hair not only for minimalists.

In addition, a must-have for everyone with sensitive, allergy-prone or blemished skin.

A few drops are enough for nourishing and light care without clogging the pores.

If you need a little more and your skin needs additional moisture, then mix 10-12 drops ROYAL NIGHT SERUM with 1 teaspoon of your face cream to make a nourishing face mask overnight.